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umm... about that...

e was off playing poker with friends in markleville last night.

the oldest was off playing cosmic bowling and then having a sleepover for a friend's birthday.

the other three kids and i were snuggled up on the floor with blankets and pillows, eating egg and cheese sandwiches, watching practical magic, and having fun.  the girls were HORRIFIED that the witches in the movie didn't have big pointy hats and crooked noses with giant warts ;)  i let them know that in real life, real witches didn't look like that. real witches could be very sweet and nice.

open-mouthed stares.

"real witches?"

... long discussion ...

ending with "so mommy, when can we make spellbooks?"


Jan. 12th, 2009 03:50 pm (UTC)
Chloe refuses to believe that real life witches aren't any uglier than "regular" people. Actually, she refuses to believe that witches exist in real life, even though I told her that I know a few!